Mount Olympus is the residence of the divine family, the twelve most importantgods in control of Ancient Greece.

Mount Olympus as depicted by Andy Park

The twelve gods lived together in a palace, thought to be above the clouds. In greek mythology, Olympus (otherwise known as Mount Olympus) is located at the top of Thessaly, the tallest mountain in Greece. However, the location is often identified as a unknown region above the earth. The palace was built by the one-eye'd Titans called Cyclopes. Although Mount Olympus is inhabited by gods, it is not the equivalent of heavan. Mount Olympus was thought to be the only common place among the gods ruling the sea, underworld and the heavens.

The entrance of Mount Olympus is often depicted as having golden gates amongst the clouds. These were kept by the gods of the seasons. Beyond those gates was the area in which the gods lived their immortal lives.

The Twelve Olympians

Greek Name Roman Name Attributes
Zeus Jupiter

In most stories, Zeus is known as the king of all gods. Usually depicted as the ruler of heaven. He had many powers such as a loud booming voice, shape shifting, and his ability to throw lightning bolts.

Hera Juno

Married to Zeus, queen of all gods, she is also the goddess of Marriage. Hera was incredibly jealous of her husband's power, and was very rarely nice to their children.

Hades Pluto Brother of Zeus, upon their father's death he was given control of the underworld. His protection and joy was his invisible helmet and his golden chariot. He was kept company by his loyal three-headed dog: Cerbeus.
Poseidon Neptune Poseidan was the lord of the sea, brother to Zeus and Hades. He was incredibly powerful, he could control all water with his trident and with a raise of his hand, he could create an island.
Athena Minerva Athena was born without a mother, because of his power, Athena was created out of Zeus' mind. She was well known as the goddess of Wisdom but also the goddess of War.
Ares Mars

Son of Zeus and Hera, he did not possess any specific power, however he was constantly angry and this made him the god of War. He was constantly followed by his side-kick Eris, the spirit of disagreement, and by extension by the spirits of Pain, Panic, Famine and Oblivion.

Apollo Apollo Twin to Artemis, Apollo was given the powers of Music, Poetry, Plague, Healing, Oracles, Medicine, but is most commonly known as the god of the Sun.
Artemis Diana Commonly known as the protector of virtuous young girls, as well as healing and disease preventor of women.
Hermes Murcury Youngest son to Zeus, he is known as the Messanger god. His biggest noticible quality that sets him apart from other gods are his winged shoes.
Aphrodite Venus Most do not know how Aphtodite was born or where she came from, however a lot of myths include her as Zeus' daughter. She is incredibly beautiful and is known as the goddess of love and beauty.
Demeter Ceres

Demeter is known as the goddess of the harvest and crops. She was incredibly important and was constantly made happy by others, as if she were in a bad mood, all the crops on earth would die.

Hestia Hestia Goddess of health and home, she was the least famous of her sisters (Hera and Demeter)